Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So by some miracle I somehow got a week off of school this week. The thing I've noticed though is that when I come up from my basement room to scrounge for food in the kitchen, usually in my underwear, that it's bright and sunny outside. Why didn't anyone tell me it was summer?! With school in session I'm usually too tired, or too busy, to notice all the summer stuff happening. Though I guess I should've got a hint when I took that trip to Vernal last week....
Anyhoo, what I'm trying to say is that as fun as Legend of Korra and non-stop Fallout 3 is, I really should take advantage of the summer while I've got it. I'm not one of those people who complain that summer is too hot and that winter is too cold, I focus my hatred directly on winter. I find snow to be offensive, just lying there on my lawn, not contributing to society, being all cold and wet and gross looking. It doesn't even get a job!
Sorry, hate got away from me there....
What I'm trying to say is what the prophets have been telling us to do for years: Go out and do stuff! There is so much to do with a summer that is inexpensive and awesome. Remember the drive-in? Did you know those things still exist? There's one right here in Salt Lake City, over on Redwood. The place is a dive, and I wouldn't go there without some sort of shiv, but it's still a nice way to enjoy the evening. Or have you ever played badmitton? $20 at Kmart get's you a set, which I would so get except my little back yard has a giant porch that for some reason is covered in sharp metal... Though I could use it as an excuse to trim down my Christmas list....
Anyway, there's lots of things to do out there! Go paintballing and afterwards play "Who has the most bruises" with my friends while exchanging awkward photos. Go attend an outdoor festival (Utah Arts Festival starts tomorrow downtown BTW). Join me in getting away from my screens and keyboards and doing something to enjoy the summer. Like right now, I'm going to walk over to McDonald's and eat.... fat....


  1. Salt Lake City has some great bands coming to play in Pioneer park as part of the Twilight Concert series. I'm planning on going to see Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket, Passion Pit, and Iron and Wine. It's a great way to learn about musicians you've never heard of before.

    1. Also, tickets are only $5 per show! :D